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Karaoke Education

Karaoke originated from Japan. It derived from the word “Kara” meaning “empty hand” as in Karate and the word “Okesutora” meaning orchestra. Karaoke first appeared for entertainment in Kobe, Japan in the late 1970’s as a way of relieving the stress. It is usually featured at Karaoke bars, where customers can perform singing on stage by reading song lyrics on a T.V. screen or video monitor. Karaoke is also a great way to meet people in Japan. No matter where you may go, you’ll find the people who perform karaoke to be warm and friendly. In the 1980’s, Karaoke came to America and has been gaining in popularity ever since.
Karaoke is actually a music entertainment system providing prerecorded accompaniments to popular songs that a performer sings by following the song lyrics on a T.V. screen or video screen. In singing Karaoke, the lead singer’s voice is removed, but the background music is still present. If you want to sing a song of Elton John, the Karaoke media would remove Elton John’s voice and you sing in his place.

Why Karaoke?

Almost every kid dreams of being a pop star one day. Their dream may come true by practicing singing with a Karaoke. The essential success of Karaoke is just that: you get to the center of the stage, and you’re few minutes of glory in the spotlight. You can always practice at home to improve your singing with a Karaoke.  

What are the different types of Karaoke?

Karaoke comes in almost every kind of media such as Karaoke cassette, VHS, laser disk, VCD and DVD. However, some are less practical than others. Normally you don’t want to sing every song from the whole Karaoke cassette in a sequence, but you rather want to select a song that you want to sing, for example, the tenth song in the Karaoke cassette. The cassette or VHS Karaoke media are obsolete and cannot offer you the convenience for song selection. Nowadays, with the most advanced technology, our BMB (Better Music Builder) Karaoke amplifier can offer you the digital sound quality, great echo effect and the convenience for song selection by using VCDs and DVDs.

Karaoke System

Karaoke System refers to all the component parts of your Karaoke setup. Depending whether it is an all-in-one, home or professional system. A Karaoke system may include the disk player, speakers, mixer, amplifier, stereo, TV, stands, microphones, cables, discs, and accessories.

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